The National American Alsatian Club

Dedicated to the World's First Large Companion Dog

    The purpose of the National American Alsatian Club ™ is to:

  • Protect the general welfare of the American Alsatian™.
  • Define and adhere to the exact breed standards as set by the founder, Lois Denny.
  • Promote the gentle, kind-hearted nature of the breed.
  • Encourage the breed's development and advancement as an internationally recognized strongbred dog.
  • Accept no other but the sole registration of the strongbred American Alsatian dog by the National American Alsatian Registry alone. (We do not at this time, nor ever shall, revert to recognition by any all-breed registry unless these registries finally acknowledge the need for strict health and temperament testing requirements before awarding any prizes for Best of Breed or Championship status.)
  • Publish periodicals and literature in the interest of the American Alsatian™.
Shadow, an American Alsatian

Photo used with permission from Vallecito Alsatians.

The official name of this breed has been changed to The American Alsatian™. If you have a registration certificate for an Alsatian Shepalute and would like your registration to reflect the new name, please submit a registration request for a single dog. See link below.