National American Alsatian Club
Board Members and State Representatives

NAAC Board Members

  • President: Jennifer Stoeckl
  • Vice President: Amey Gage
  • Secretary: Darlene Berenty
  • Treasurer: Jane Denny

Committee Chairs

  • Creator and Quality Control Manager: Lois Schwarz
  • Historian: Jim Schwarz
  • Calendar Committee Chair: Beth Jones

State Reps

  • California Representative: Judy Morton
  • Colorado Representative: Jennifer Stoeckl
  • Florida Representative: Alesone McCormack
  • Idaho Representative: Eve Daugherty
  • Illinois Representative: Holly Evanchik
  • Indiana Representative: Kevin Jones
  • Indiana Representative: Cheri Smith-Kaylor
  • Missouri Representative: Vicci Rose
  • New York Representative: Victoria Long
  • Ohio Representative: Robin Doran
  • Oregon Representative: David and Mary Mason
  • Pennsylvania Representative: Bonnie Diehl
  • Tennessee Representative: Sarah Barber
  • Texas Representative: Kayla Stockton

NAAC Committees

The Museum Committee
The Museum Committee is responsible for preserving the history of the breed. This committee will preserve pictures, produce pamphlets, create and maintain the American Alsatian museum, and collect all published works.
The NAAC Website Committee
The NAAC website committee maintains additions, corrections, and deletions of the NAAC website. Each month, the website is discussed and any changes proposed. These changes are then added to the website for the benefit of the NAAC members and general public.
The Nominating Committee
The nominating committee meets every two years to gather the submitted nominations of NAAC officers. Because of their relatively small membership stature, they are also presently responsible for creating, distributing and counting NAAC ballots related to the NAAC bi-yearly elections.
The Calendar Committee
The Calendar Committee members are responsible for collecting photos, putting photos and events together on the yearly American Alsatian Calendar. Please click the link to go to their blog site.
The Quarterly Committee
Starting in fall 2006, The Quarterly Committee is devoted to the production of a members only quarterly NAAC newsletter featuring several articles written by members, officers, and the founder. This committee meets monthly to discuss potential articles for submission and acceptance. It also prepares and distributes the newsletter each quarter via email.